What needs to be configured in VTC?

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The Setup & Configuration tab in VTC contains a set of Preferences, which can be tweaked to suit the needs of an individual trader. The preferences grid is divided into several sections, which contain individual values for the selected group of settings. When changing a selected value, please make sure you confirm your change by pressing [ Enter ].

Global Settings

The Global Settings section contains the following group of settings:

TCP port for VTC <-> Metatrader communications  – this parameter sets the TCP port number, which is used for communication between Metatrader and the VTC. Do not change this port unless you get a “Bind error” on the 55555 port, which indicates that this port is already used by another application.

If for some reason you need to change this port, you will also need to change it for each MT4io EA in your Metatrader terminals and save the changes to the VTC_io template for later use:


Enable sounds in VTC – this parameter can be switched on or off by setting the desired value Yes/No. It enables or disables sounds for different actions in VTC.

VTC always on top of all windows – Toggles the VTC application window’s “always on the top” property. When enabled the app’s window will always remain on top of all the other windows on your screen.

Send push notification on trade events section is described in a separate document

Send push notifications on trade manager eventssection is described in a separate document

Display time elapsed instead of trade date & time – A choice between the display of trade’s open time & date or trades duration in the “Time” column of the market order’s grid.

Display formatted quotes – Toggles the display of formatted quotes as shown on the screenshot below. Please note that this requires more CPU cycles.

Forex quotes formatted

Use StopLoss in risk-based volume calculations – Enables the use of the current stop loss value in the calculation of the traded lot size. If the feature is turned OFF, the calculation is only based on the percentage of the account, and the current stop loss is not taken into account (please use with caution).

Log extended DEBUG information – This function can be turned ON if you experience any problems with the console and want to send a bug report. Extended DEBUG information will be very useful in determining the cause of experienced problems and will help us fix a possible bug in a shorter amount of time.

Using a slow PC or VPS – This function is used for saving CPU cycles when running on a very slow computer or VPS.

Use desktop display optimizers – Toggles display optimization for desktop computers. This should be switched OFF when the software is used on a VPS and you are connecting via Remote Desktop.

Trade handing & execution settings

The Trade handing & execution settings section contains the following group of settings:

Retry “server busy” operation after X [ms] timeout parameter – this parameter sets the timeout period in milliseconds between each command retry after a “busy” error is received from the Metatrader server or terminal. (i.e. “Server busy error” when trying to close or open a new trade.)

Retry on requotes after X [ms] timeout parameter – this parameter sets the timeout period in milliseconds between each command retry after a “re-quote” error is received (i.e. “Re-quote” when trying to open a trade in a fast-moving market.)

The maximum number of retries – this parameter defines the number of times the console will attempt to resend a command which is rejected by the Metatrader server due to various “busy” or “re-quote” related errors. Once the number of retries reaches this level the command will not be executed.

Maximum accepted slippage on trade open transactions – this parameter sets the slippage value for each trade opened by VTC

Maximum accepted slippage on trade close transactions – this parameter sets the slippage value for each trade closed by VTC


The Confirmations section enables the user to select which VTC actions will require confirmation prior to sending the commands to the broker’s server.

Settings for BreakEven plus X pips values

This section enables the setup of the break-even context menu, which is displayed on the order grid when the right mouse button is clicked. The values will be reflected in the break-even context menu items as presented below:


Trade Copy settings

The trade copy settings are covered on the following page:

All settings will be retained once the application is closed.


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