Live trade status notifications on Android & iOS smartphones

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VTC version 2.03.00 introduces a new feature, which enables traders to track trade status via live push notifications on smartphones running the mobile version of MT4. To activate this feature you need to do the following:

  1. Install the MT4 mobile terminal on your smartphone,
  2. Go to Settings->Messages and write down your MetaQuotes ID (you’ll need this later),


  3. Open MT4 on your computer and navigate to Options (Ctrl-O),
  4. Next, go to the Notifications tab, enable push notifications and enter your MetaQuotes ID,


  5. In VTC, go to Setup & Configuration -> Global settings and enable Smartphone notifications

Notice that there are two groups of notifications available in VTC. These will inform you about the following events:

Orders (Open/Close/Delete)

  • New pending or instant order has been opened,
  • Pending order has been triggered,
  • Market order has been closed partially or in full (number of lots closed),
  • Market order has been closed on SL / TP,
  • Pending order has been deleted on expiration,
  • Pending order has been deleted

Trade manager events

  • SL, TP or both SL & TP values have been set by trade manager,
  • Trade manager’s break-even feature updated TP or SL values
  • Trade manager’s trailing stop triggered

The push notification feature in MT4 has strict limitations on its usage: no more than 2 calls per second and no more than 10 calls per minute. The frequency of calls is controlled dynamically, and the function can be blocked in case of violation. VTC will attempt to reschedule and resend messages that have been dropped by MT4, however, please keep the above in mind if you are managing a high number of orders.


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