Using Tick Data Suite 2.x for testing MT4 EAs on renko, range bars and other custom charting types

Tick Data Suite (TDS) has been around for quite some time and although it was certainly a great tool for backtesting it was not really a “suite of tools”. It was strongly dependant on a few more utilities to get the job done.

For starters, the average tester first needed to acquire and process tick data using third-party tools such as Tick Data Downloader, TickStory and of course the CSV2FXT converter script. TDS 1.x was essentially a special loader that ...

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Using TickStory lite to run backtests on Range, Renko, MedianRenko and PointO charts with 99% modelling quality

This short post is a quick “how to” guide aimed at helping you utilize TickStory Lite software to download historical tick data and perform high quality backtests on RangeBars, Renko, MedianRenko or PoitO charts. In order to prepare the necessary data, you’ll need an MT4 terminal, TickStory and a custom CSV2FXT script (included in all PRO versions) for the corresponding custom charting plug-in that you wish to use.

When you first download TickStory, you’ll need to configure it ...

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Using RangeBars & Renko with StrategyQuant to automatically discover & create trading robots

The latest version of RangeBars PRO & Renko PRO plug-ins includes an additional option in the CSV2FXT script mods – StrategyQuantExport. When enabled, the scripts create a proprietary CSV file, which is compatible with the latest StrategyQuant products. As of version 3.6, StrategyQuant adds support for renko & range bar charts, which enable creating a whole new class of strategies that would not be possible with regular time based charting.

To begin using RangeBar & Renko data with StrategyQuant, ...

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Backtesting EAs on RangeBars, Renko, Median Renko & PointO charts using tick data on MT4

This page is obsolete and no longer maintained. Please browse the blog article for information regarding backtesting on different custom charts.

This is a step-by-step guide to help you with testing EAs on various price based charts using tick data. The backtests will be performed with 99% modeling quality.

You will need the following software components (links provided in the list below):

Step 1 – Downloading tick data needed to perform the backtest

There are several ways to ...

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How to properly backtest RangeBars, MedianRenko, Renko and PointO using Tick Data with 99% modeling quality

This is a short guide on how to properly backtest EAs on Metatrader4 using Tick Data and price based charts such as RangeBars, MedianRenko, Renko and PointO.

One of the most common mistakes when backtesting strategies on price based charts is not understanding how these very specific charts work and thus incorrectly performing backtests, which may lead to frustration when later finding out that actual trading results are not even close to what one may expect after witnessing a flawless ...

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Metatrader 4 Build 574 – Where are my indicator & EA files?

The latest MT4 version 4.00 Build 574 (10 Jan 2014) introduces a lot of new features and improvements for the old MT4 platform, however there will be certain compatibility issues with EAs and indicators written for previous builds (i.e. Build 509 back from June 24th 2013). Users should also be aware that the location of the old \experts\ folder has been moved to a new location. Previously, all MQL4 applications have been stored in subdirectories of <terminal_installation_folder>\experts\ folder and ...
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Range bars now support weekend or session gaps

Up till now, range bars had one major problem – charts would look different for a specific day depending on how many days of data have been loaded from history, plus there was no way of visualizing inter-session gaps (or weekend gaps in Forex) This was unacceptable by stock and indexes traders, who needed information regarding trading session gaps.

Version 2.04 of the range bars plug-in for MT4 now features a new entry in the ...

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Why choose Metatrader?

Today’s market is volatile and dynamic, and is getting increasingly difficult to predict. In order to keep up with the constant flux in the market, you would require an effective trading platform, which has all of the tools and features which are necessary when you are involved in Forex trade.

Metatrader gives you all the features and tools that you require when you are dealing with Forex market. Metatrade is the most popular and most frequently used Forex trading platform ...

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