RangeBars manual pages

Installing and using the RangeBar Chart plug-in on Metatrader4

Plug-in installation

To start the installation process download the latest plug-in and follow these steps:

First, open MT4 and make sure that you have enabled DLL imports. This is done in the Expert Advisors tab of the MT4’s Options window (you can press CTRL-O to bring up this window in MT4):


Make sure that you have enabledAllow DLL imports” as presented on the screen above. ...

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Using RangeBars & Renko with StrategyQuant to automatically discover & create trading robots

The latest version of RangeBars PRO & Renko PRO plug-ins includes an additional option in the CSV2FXT script mods – StrategyQuantExport. When enabled, the scripts create a proprietary CSV file, which is compatible with the latest StrategyQuant products. As of version 3.6, StrategyQuant adds support for renko & range bar charts, which enable creating a whole new class of strategies that would not be possible with regular time based charting.

To begin using RangeBar & Renko data with StrategyQuant, ...

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Backtesting EAs on RangeBars, Renko, Median Renko & PointO charts using tick data on MT4

This is a step-by-step guide to help you with testing EAs on various price based charts using tick data. The backtests will be performed with 99% modeling quality.

You will need the following software components (links provided in the list below):

Step 1 – Downloading tick data needed to perform the backtest

There are several ways to acquire tick data for the period we wish to perform the backtest on. I use the Tick Data Downloader program, which is simple to use.

Once ...

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Range, Renko, Median Renko & PointO info indicators

Special informative indicators have been bundled with the following plug-in packages for Metatrader4.

They are designed to be optionally placed on the custom offline charts to provide additional information to the trader.

The indicators have an “_info” suffix and are located under “Custom Indicators” in MT4’s Navigator Window. They are used to display the projected thresholds, which should be crossed by price in order for a new bar to form. These levels are marked by green and red price ...

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Backtesting Range Bars in Metatrader 4

The back testing feature for RangeBars is available via RangeBarsBacktesting script, which is part of the RangeBars plug-in for Metatrader4 and is located in the Navigator window’s Scripts branch, once you install the range bars plug-in package.

This backtesting method is mainly designed for backtesting EAs that use completed bars to calculate trading decisions. You should use the “Open prices only” model in MT4’s strategy tester. Scalping EAs and EAs that rely on inter-bar price action should be

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