Complete Forex Day Trading Education package for Metatarder 4

The Range Bars DTS package includes range bar charts, money management & trade plan

A complete Day Trading indicator package for the Metatrader 4 platform, plus a PDF guide, aimed at teaching you how to incorporate solid money management rules (MM) and trade plan while day trading.

Start controlling your risk today!

Proper money management and trade plan are the foundation for successful trading. You will learn how they play a key role in the presented day trading system and how to apply them in your everyday trading. You will also learn how you can easily raise your account balance and at the same time lower your drawdown.

The video below contains a recap of a typical trading week on the EURUSD. It also presents the main characteristics of the trading system which include:

Precise entry and exit points

2:1 reward to risk ratio

Trade management tactics

Robust MM system & trade plan

The complete package includes

Powerful 3 Layer Money Management System
Detailed Trade Plan
Professional RangeBar charting plug-in for the Metatrader4 platform
Metatrader4 template and custom indicator bundle

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