Analyze and improve your trading with video trade logging software.

The video trade recorder plug-in for Metatrader platforms (versions 4 and 5) is designed for traders who take their trading seriously and are already logging their trades using traditional trade logs supplemented by screenshots taken during their trading.

Up till now traders were only able to use pictures of charts to illustrate their trades, because traditional screen recording software produced very large video files and were not able to record several charts simultaneously.

How is the Video Trade Recorder different from traditional screen recording software?

Incredibly small video file sizes

Utilizes XVID or plain AVI video format, both directly playable in Windows Media Player.

Minimum CPU overhead

VTR uses a fraction of what is consumed by traditional screen capture programs.

Full HD video support

Independent recording of up to 10 charts on each terminal. Even minimized charts!

Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Supports all MT broker terminals and enables trade recording on VPS servers.

How it works…

The Video Trade Recorder enables background recording of up to 10 independent charts on each terminal across multiple MT4/MT5 platforms (including charts that are minimized or work in the background of other charts on Metatrader platforms).

The software incorporates state of the art, on-the-fly XVID video encoding, plus inactivity time compression to produce clear motion video images of charts while maintaining the smallest possible file sizes. Two recording modes are supported by the software and the resulting video files can be played back directly in Windows Media Player. Recorded videos are stored in separate recording folders corresponding to various instances of your MT4 and MT5 terminals. Folders are accessible directly from the recorder software for ease of navigation. Video files have specially formatted names for easy recognition (see recording modes for details).

When utilizing XVID encoding, the recording’s quality can be controlled directly from the Xvid Configuration panel. You may also choose to disable XVID encoding for the highest fidelity of the recorded material.

Recorded Video Size 17 MB Recorded Video Size 1.6 MB Recorderd Video Size 0.6 MB
Trade duration12 hours and 18 minutes40 minutes8 minutes
Video resolution800 x 600 pixels800 x 600 pixels800 x 600 pixels

Supported recording modes

  • Continuous recording mode

    In this mode, the recording starts when the plug-in is placed on the selected chart and the *REC button is pressed. The process ends when STOP is pressed or the plug-in is removed from the chart.
    The user can select the video resolution by changing the width and height parameters in the plug-in inputs

    Continuous trades recordings are named using the following format:



    NUMBER is the MT4 account number
    is the chart symbol
    is the recording timestamp (local computer time)

  • Trade event-driven recording mode

    The recorder starts buffering the leading video once the _recordVideo indicator is placed on a selected chart and the uses click “*Start”. Once a new trade is placed, the software first records the pre-buffered video and instantly starts adding live video until the trade is closed or the user presses STOP.
    The user can select the video resolution by changing the width and height parameters in the plug-in inputs.

    A prebuffer setting is used to record the number of ticks (user defined), which occurred before the trade was placed
    (excellent for reevaluating your entry!). Additionally, the user can choose to record only the trades having a predefined “magic number”.

    Event driven recordings are named using the following format:



    NUMBER is the MT4 account number
    is the chart symbol
    is the ticket number of the recorder trade

Sample recording

You can view a sample recording (800×600 pixels), which was captured using the “trade event-driven” mode and uploaded to YouTube.

Direct YouTube Link

For best results please ensure you are viewing the video using the full 480p quality and full screen mode.

You can also download another sample video (in the original form) showing a different trade. The video shows an 8 minute long trade, which was recorded using 800×600 picture resolution (the file size is 0,6 MB)

Click to download…

Sample video frame

The recorder superimposes the following information directly on the video material:

    1. Market watch time from the MT4 platform used in the recording (for both onEvent & continuous recording modes)
    2. Trade entry information and modifications made during the course of the trade (This information is superimposed when using the event-driven recording mode only.). Font colors for individual lines (Line1, Line2 & Line 3) can be changed using the Info & Settings tab of the recording backend application.


Low price. One time payment

Lifetime updates via online updater

Instant download after purchase

Only 35.00 USD for a single PC license

You can download a free 7-day trial version >> here <<

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