Range, Renko, Median Renko & PointO info indicators

Special informative indicators have been bundled with the following plug-in packages for Metatrader4.

They are designed to be optionally placed on the custom offline charts to provide additional information to the trader.

The indicators have an “_info” suffix and are located under “Custom Indicators” in MT4’s Navigator Window. They are used to display the projected thresholds, which should be crossed by price in order for a new bar to form. These levels are marked by green and red price labels, which are located above and below the current bar.

The indicator also provides information on the type of chart (Range, Renko, Median Renko or Point-O), plus the pip size setting for that particular chart. This information is displayed at the lower right hand corner of the chart.

The RangeBarChart_info indicator additionally updates the threshold levels dynamically as the chart ticks with live data. Initial threshold values are marked by green and red “dashes” and the current values are displayed using price labels.

The indicator provides an additional set of features. It enables the user to switch on the following audio alerts:

  • Different audio files for bullish & bearish bar closes (played after every new bar)
  • Different audio files for bullish & bearish bar closes (played after every reversal bar)

Optional alert box messages can also be turned ON/OFF


Remember! You can always update to the latest plug-in version, by using the online updater → Renko, Range, MedianRenko, PointO



  1. Rukmesh  September 7, 2012

    I installed this trial version of Median renko. and was trying it on Indian market (Bank Nifty). But after setting the block size and output timeframe, MT4 is just hanging. I tried giving larger value to the renko box size for BankNifty (2000), but still it is hanging. Though it works on Forex (EURUSD). Can you please advise.

    • admin  September 7, 2012

      A fix will be provided soon.

  2. Bayer  October 1, 2012

    Can both Renko & Renko Median indicators coexist in MT4? I am having problems with my EA. Both indicators installed in MT4.

    • admin  October 2, 2012

      Yes, they can. Please contact support for an updated plug-in package.


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