Setting up the trade copy feature on VTC


copying trades on Metatrader

There are three global settings for the trade copy module in VTC. These are global settings and apply to all connected accounts.

  • Open trade timeout in seconds – this parameter defines the maximum timeout after a trade is no longer valid for automatic copying to slave accounts.
  • Maximum slippage in points – this parameter defines the maximum difference between the opening price of the master trade and the opening price of trade copy (slave trade). The parameter only checks “negative slippage”, thus ensuring that the slave order does not get a worse fill than maximum slippage compared to the master order. When maximum slippage is exceeded, the trade does not get copied to a given slave account.
  • Mange trades by the master – this parameter controls whether trade copies made to slave accounts should also mimic all master trade modifications, such as changes to stops, partial or full position closing, changes done to pending order’s entry price, etc.

Please also see the section on configuring the trade copy feature on individual accounts.


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