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Why choose Metatrader?

Today’s market is volatile and dynamic and is getting increasingly difficult to predict. In order to keep up with the constant flux in the market, you would require an effective trading platform, which has all of the tools and features which are necessary when you are involved in Forex trade.

Metatrader gives you all the features and tools that you require when you are dealing with the Forex market. MetaTrader is the most popular and most frequently used Forex trading platform ...

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Price action indicator?

Price action trading has become one of the most widely used methods by FOREX day traders as well as position traders worldwide. This popular forex trading approach, which is all about basing trading decisions on a clean price chart analysis with no indicators whatsoever, is often misunderstood by many. Although most, so-called, price action traders know that they should not use any lagging indicators, they are often not aware of the fact that they should also get rid of „time” ...

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