Single click order entry with risk control for Metatrader4

The full functionality of the previously offered BUY/SELL script bundle has been incorporated into quote boxes within the Visual Trading Console & Trade Manager application.

Single-click order execution

This function provides the trader with single-click order entry thus enabling instant trade setup with predefined Take Profit and Stop Loss levels plus automatically apply the same money management and risk control rules for every trade you make.

Take Profit and Stop Loss values are entered in pips and are set relative to the actual order entry price. The lot size can be automatically calculated using the user defined risk percent factor.

Once all values are set, order placement is done by clicking one of the price buttons on the BUY or SELL side of the quote box for the desired instrument.

Visual pending order execution

The quote box can also be used to quickly enter pending orders by visually placing and manipulating the entry & stop levels directly on your charts in Metatrader.

This is done by setting the desired lot size in the “Vol:” input box and pressing the “P” buttons on the BUY or SELL side of the quote box (see diagram below).

Visual entry & stop level placement is done directly on the selected chart in Metatrader:

The blue, yellow and red horizontal lines are used to set the take profit, the order entry and the stop loss levels. You need to double-click each line to make it movable.
The line is moved by left-clicking and holding down the mouse button while moving the line up or down to select the desired level.

The icons located on the left top corner of the chart are used to perform the following set of functions:

X → Cancel order placement.
V → Place pending order witch selected parameters.

SL → turn ON/OFF the stop loss setting (show / hide the red horizontal line)
TP → turn ON/OFF the take profit setting (show / hide the blue horizontal line)

The quote box offers the following additional features:


  • shows the current spread value for the given instrument
  • handles REQUOTE and BUSY errors
  • works with all orders type of ANY currency/index/stock available in Metatrader4
  • works with ECN, STP and dealing desk brokers
  • automatically handles 4 or 5 digit brokers

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  1. greg wms  November 30, 2013

    I like the way the script looks, but being that I am a scalper, all I want to do is BUY/SELL & CLOSE ORDERS. Buy just looking at your script how do you close a order & also I see you have percent risk which is nice. But if i am buying one contract , I didn”t see that on the script ether. Thanks very much.


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