Selecting symbols, which are displayed in the Visual Trading Console

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Selection of symbols for use with the Visual Trading Console products is very simple and requires zero configuration!

The symbols displayed in the trading console’s “Instant Entry” tab, for a selected account, are dynamically tied with charts open in the corresponding Metatrader terminal.

In other words, every chart open in your Metatrader will have a corresponding quote box in the console:

A single quote box will be displayed for every unique symbol. There is no need to do any “prefix” or “suffix” configuration for non standard symbols such as “EURUSDm”, “GBPUSD.stp”, etc.

These will all have corresponding quote boxes in the Visual Trading Console (both single & multi terminal versions).

When you have multiple chars for the same instrument displayed in Metatrader (i.e. EURUSD,M1, EURUSD,M15, EURUSD,D1, or even non standard ones like EURUSD,M2), they can all be accessed using the chart period menu on the quote box for that particular instrument by right clicking on the symbol’s label.

Multiple charts having the same periodicity for the particular instrument will be displayed along with their unique window identifier in the parenthesis, as illustrated above (EURCHF M1 charts).

Once you change the period setting in the quote box, the new period setting will become the default one in the console. Click here to read more about quote box features.

If you wish to add or remove an instrument quote box to/from VTC, simply open/close a chart in Metatrader and the changes will be instantly reflected in the console.



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