Overriding the pip multiple for selected symbols

All symbols that are specified as non-forex (such as CFD)
in Metatrader’s symbol specification are denoted by VTC in points rather than pips.
Only symbols that are specified as Forex in MT4 will be denoted in pips (by default).

Symbols with profit calculation mode set to non-forex values (such as CFDs) will require you to input stop values in points (not pips). You will also see the current spread value in points (same values as shown in Metatrader’s market watch window).

The following steps will enable you to override the defaults for selected symbols on selected accounts.

Double click on the desired symbol’s label which will bring up the symbol’s properties window

Change the “Pip multiple” to 10 and select “Yes” for “Override settings listed below” as shown in the following screenshot:

Once you make the changes and close the properties window the pip multiple will be set to 10 and as a result, you will notice a “*” in the right-hand corner of the symbol’s label (see screenshot below).

The spread will also start to be displayed in pips once the value is updated with the next tick that arrives from your broker’s server.

Notice the “*” symbol and spread value displayed as 3.8 instead of the previously displayed 38 for US30USD ticker above.

You only need to make this change once per account and symbol. The changes will be retained when you restart VTC.


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