Managing orders using the order grids in Visual Trading Console multi-terminal version

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Visual Trading Console & Trade Manager (multi terminal version) features special order grids, which enable the trader to group orders by individual columns for easier order management. This can be done by account number, order symbol, order type, magic number or even order comment. The grids also feature an array of quick order management functions such as:

  • Stop & Reverse orders
  • Partial close of selected order
  • One-click close of selected order
  • Quick “move stops to break even” for selected order
  • Quick stop (TP and/or SL) modification – including visual stop modification directly on Metatrader charts (for both market & pending orders)
  • Trade Manager “View” and “Edit” function for selected order (for both market & pending orders)
  • OCO functions for selected pending order
  • Once-click delete of selected pending order

Quick trade management

Most of the functions are performed by clicking individual buttons, which are located in the order row’s cells. These are:

Pending orders:

Market Orders:

The rest is done via cells highlighted in yellow (Entry Price, S/L, T/P). These are used to quickly modify the corresponding values.

Values are entered by double-clicking the selected cell and editing the displayed value or entering a new one.
Pressing ESC cancels cell editing and restores the original value.
Pressing ENTER confirms the entry and sends a quick order modification request to the broker’s server.

Order grouping

Order grouping is done by left-clicking on the selected column header and dragging the header on to the top bar labeled “Drag a column header here to group trades by that column“. When the column header is dropped, the order grid will be grouped by that column (orders have been grouped by magic number on the picture below)

Critical functions such as stop & reverse, one click close, etc., can be executed with or without confirmations. Confirmations are set using the “Confirmation” tab, which is located under the “Setup & Configuration” tab:

Other click actions

The following two functions may also come in handy. These are “click actions” on the account and ticket cells of a selected order.

When the account cell is clicked, the “Instant Entry” tab will switch the active view to the selected account number. This may come in handy when managing multiple accounts.

When the ticket cell is clicked, the corresponding cart on the corresponding Metatrader terminal will gain focus and will be made the top most window (if charts are maximized in that Metatrader terminal). This is very useful when the trader wishes to quickly glance on the chart corresponding to the selected order on the order’s grid in Visual Trading Console.

Column rearranging

There is one more useful feature. Column rearranging – this enables you to freely rearrange the columns on your order grids, by simply left-clicking on a selected column header and dragging that column to a new place on the grid header:

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