Changing line colors used during visual order entry & modification

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As of version 2.02.20 of Visual Trading Console (multi-terminal) the user can modify the colors used during visual order modification.

This is done using the VTC2workerCFG script. Once double-clicked, the script will present a settings window, which can be used to alter the color settings of individual lines, font color as well as font size. The settings are self-explanatory and are accessible via the Inputs tab of the settings window (presented below):

Once the colors are set and you click “OK”, the new settings are saved for use VTC.

Please note that the “Inputs” window will always show the default settings, so please consider using the [Save]/[Load] features, if you wish to preserve your new settings in a *.set file for later modification. You’ll need to [Save] before you apply the settings by pressing [OK]



  1. Stephen  October 29, 2014

    I haven’t used this in anger yet but I assume that the set file needs to be loaded every time an order is placed. If that is the case, I wondered if the script could have the ability to be modified so that the colours could be changed permanetly in the script? Thanks

    • admin  October 30, 2014

      Generally, you use the configuration script only once to set your desired colors permanently.

  2. Kum  July 19, 2016

    The information on the TP and SL lines are always covered by the candles stick and make it difficult to read. Can you shift the information to the extreme right side of the chart as the chart can be shifted to left to create space for this useful information.

  3. David  December 20, 2020

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