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Using TickStory lite to run backtests on Range, Renko, MedianRenko and PointO charts with 99% modelling quality

This short post is a quick “how-to” guide aimed at helping you utilize TickStory Lite software to download historical tick data and perform high quality backtests on RangeBars, Renko, MedianRenko, or PoitO charts. In order to prepare the necessary data, you’ll need an MT4 terminal, TickStory, and a custom CSV2FXT script (included in all PRO versions) for the corresponding custom charting plug-in that you wish to use.

When you first download TickStory, you’ll need to configure it ...

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Metatrader 4 Build 574 – Where are my indicator & EA files?

The latest MT4 version 4.00 Build 574 (10 Jan 2014) introduces a lot of new features and improvements for the old MT4 platform, however, there will be certain compatibility issues with EAs and indicators written for previous builds (i.e. Build 509 back from June 24th, 2013). Users should also be aware that the location of the old “experts” folder has been moved to a new location. Previously, all MQL4 applications have been stored in subdirectories of the “<terminal_installation_folder>\experts” folder and ...

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