Indicators and addons for Metatrader 4

Price action trading software tailored for the Metatrader 4 trading platform


RangeBars plug-in for MT4

Trading range bars op MT4

This plug-in enables you to trade price action range bars instead of the standard time intervals on the Metatrader platform. Eliminate time from the equation and focus only on price. After all, it is the price that you trade – not time!

The plug-in also enables you to perform backtesting in MT4 using range bars.

Ultimate Renko plug-in for MT4

Median renko trading on MT4

The all-in-one solution for all renko variations! A custom charting plug-in for Metatrader 4, which smooths out price action and all applied indicators like no other chart type and following a wide range of renko chart variations for MT4:

  • Median renko,
  • Vanilla renko and renko with visible wicks,
  • Turbo renko,
  • Hybrid renko,
  • PointO 

Renko Bars & Tick Chart plug-in for MT4

renko with wicks on mt4

The plug-in offers three operating modes plus robust backtesting capabilities for the price action RENKO bars on the MT4 platform. You will be able to eliminate time and from the equation and focus only on price.

The renko plug-in is also bundled with a Tick Chart plug-in, which can be backtested using tick data!

Point Original bars plug-in for MT4

trading PointO on MT4

PointO charting, as seen on NinjaTrader, is now available on MT4.

Indicators and EAs for Metatrader 5

Price action trading on the powerful Metatrader 5 trading platform


Ultimate Renko for MT5

turbo renko trading forex mt5

We offer 100% tick-data driven Ultimate Renko indicator & custom symbol generator for MT5.

Our customers also get a set of Open Source Renko EAs for automated trading on the renko charts.

Tick and Volume charting for MT5

tick charts on mt5

Fast, accurate and reliable, tick charts and volume bar charting for trading Forex, Stocks, Indices, and Futures on the MT5 terminal.

Our customers also get two Open Source EAs for automated trading on tick charts and volume bar charts.

Seconds timeframe chart for MT5

Break the 1-minute barrier on MT5 and leverage the edge of timeframes in seconds.

The product is currently available on the MQL5 Market only.

Range Bars for MT5

The product is currently available from the MQL5 market only.

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