Moving the trade manager from one computer to another without uninstalling the software

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Version 2 of VTC provides a “Deactivation” feature, which can come in handy, if you want to use the software on several computers, but only have one license. This procedure is not available in version 3, as this version will free your license allocation after approximately 8 hours from the last use of the program. After this period the software can be installed on a new computer.

Normally you would need to first uninstall the software to free up your license allocation and install it on a different computer to be able to move from computer to computer. Now you can simply click the “Deactivate” button on one copy and you’ll be able run the program on another computer. Moving back to the original one is also done according to the above scheme.


The “Deactivate” button is located in the “Setup & Configuration” tab.


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