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Using the Add to position – trade manager profile

The robust “Add to position” profile enables you to automate a number of different scale-in scenarios.

One of the most commonly used scenarios is “cost averaging” a losing trade. Although this is not a recommended way of trading, many trades successfully take advantage of such setups. However, the “Add to position” trade management profile offers a lot more…

The profile offers the following set of features:

  • Up to 10 add to position settings
  • Define “add to position” entry points by price or by ...
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Overriding the pip multiple for selected symbols

All symbols that are specified as non-forex (such as CFD)
in Metatrader’s symbol specification are denoted by VTC in points rather than pips.
Only symbols that are specified as Forex in MT4 will be denoted in pips (by default).

Symbols with profit calculation mode set to non-forex values (such as CFDs) will require you to input stop values in points (not pips). You will ...

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Changing the communications port used by VTC


By default, VTC uses port 55555 to communication with MT4 terminals. Sometimes, however, this port is already in use by other applications.

To change the default port number you need to do the following:

  1. Open VTC and go to Setup & Configuration / Preferences tab,
  2. Change the TPC port number to something like 55557, confirm the change by pressing ENTER,
  3. Restart VTC.
  4. Remove the MT4io EA ...
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Using the maximum spread filter & visula indication

The “maximum spread” filter is used for blocking single-click order entry whenever the current spread is higher than the defined maximum spread value.

Such condition is additionally indicated by changing the background of the spread indicator to a shade of red. When the spread filter is active, trade entry from the instant entry panel is not possible.

Enabling the filter

  1. Double click the symbol label on a selected quoter component to bring up the symbol properties window
  2. Enter a maximum spread value (in ...
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Naming accounts in VTC version 3

VTC 3 enables naming of individual terminals used with the console for easier navigation.
Terminal naming is done via MT4io EA’s Inputs tab in MT4.

To do this, you need to assign a custom name to the Terminal_ID variable. For example, this can me your broker’s name:


Once you apply the settings, VTC will recognize this info and display on the Instant Entry tab as ...

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Moving the trade manager from one computer to another without uninstalling the software

Version 2 of VTC provides a “Deactivation” feature, which can come in handy, if you want to use the software on several computers, but only have one license. This procedure is not available in version 3, as this version will free your license allocation after approximately 8 hours from the last use of the program. After this period the software can be installed on a new computer.

Normally you would need to first uninstall the software to free up your ...

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Quick setup guide for the Visual Trading Console & Trade Manager for Metatrader

Installing the software

To initiate the installation process, download and run the setup file from the provided download link. When you complete the installation process you will need to place your license file in your VTC installation folder.

Please follow these steps, if you are not sure how to place your license file into your VTC program folder:

  1. Save your license file from the e-mail received after purchase onto your desktop
  2. From your desktop, Right-click on the license file ...
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Live trade status notifications on Android & iOS smartphones

VTC version 2.03.00 introduces a new feature, which enables traders to track trade status via live push notifications on smartphones running the mobile version of MT4. To activate this feature you need to do the following:

  1. Install the MT4 mobile terminal on your smartphone,
  2. Go to Settings->Messages and write down your MetaQuotes ID (you’ll need this later),
  3. Open MT4 on your computer and go to ...
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Changing line colors used durring visual order entry & modification

As of version 2.02.20 of Visual Trading Console (multi-terminal) the user can modify the colors used during visual order modification.

This is done using the VTC2workerCFG script. Once double-clicked, the script will present a settings window, which can be used to alter the color settings of individual lines, font color as well as the font size. The settings are self-explanatory and are accessible ...

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How to setup stealth TP & SL values in VTC?

The latest version of the visual trading console (VTC2) supports stealth take profit and stop loss placement, which is done via trade manager profile using Multi-level Profit Taking and Multi-level Stop Loss settings.

First, you need to set up a new trade manager profile using the Trade Manager Profile Editor tab. In this example, I’ll be using a 50 pip stop and a 150 pip take profit level, so the settings will look like this:


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